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VOL. 17, NO. 3 OCTOBER, 1922 

Entered as Second Class Matter April 16, 1906, at the Postoffice at Hillsdale, Michigan, under the Act of Congress of July 16, 1894 


Published by the Home Economics Department of Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan 

AMBLER HOUSE— Household Economics Practice House. 

The Living Room of the Ambler House. 

Household Economics Hillsdale College 


The Ambler House 

THIS is a beautiful home presented to Hillsdale College by Judge Ambler of 
Cleveland to be used as a Domestic Science practice house. 

It is situated on Hillsdale Street, a block from the campus. The beauty of the 
building is increased by its spacious grounds. The Ambler House is regarded as 
the social center of many college activities. 

Seniors and Juniors specializing in Household Economics live here one-half year 
to obtain credit in Household Management. Supervised by the science and art in- 
structors, they get actual experience in marketing, keeping accounts of all ex- 
penditures and planning menus for the household. In short, these young women 
acquire the art of home making as well as that of teaching. 

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The Kitchen of the Ambler House. 

Household Economics Hillsdale College 

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THE kitchen is used for preparing the meals for the house as well as serving as 
a unit kitchen for class work. It is well equipped with modern conveniences. 
The girls have the privilege of using the laundry, as well as the facilities for 

The effect of the room is pleasing with soft tones of gray and white enamel 

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Household Economics Hillsdale College 

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THE course in Household Economics not only prepares students in the science 
and art of home making and the profession of teaching, but also opens the way 
to many branches related to these fields: dietitian, institutional manager, cafeteria 
director, social or extension worker, expert buyer for merchants, interior decorator, 
designer, or director of educational work now being taken up by large commercial 

The amount of literary work and the wide range of electives gives a broader 
and more general training than many of the more technical schools. 

Those majoring in this department are required to have 15 hours of Chemistry 
as a minor and 25 hours of Home Economics. The degree of B.A. or B.S. is awarded 
at the completion of four years of work according to the group of studies in which the 
majority of electives have been chosen. The general requirements, fees and explana- 
tions of courses are given in the catalog. 


Household Economics Hillsdale College 

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Freshman Year 

First Semester Second Semester 
Chemistry 5 Chemistry 5 

Sophomore Year 

Chemistry 5 HE. 2 a. Cookery 2 

HE. 1 a. Cookery 3 b Sewing and Textiles 3 

b. Sewing 2 

Junior Year 

HE. 1 a. Science of Foods 3 HE. 4 a. Dietetics 2 

b. Dressmaking 2 b. Costume Design 3 

Senior Year 

HE. 5 a. Dietetics *3 HE. 6 a. Cookery *2 

b. Millinery *2 b. House Decoration *3 

c. House Management 2 c. Education *2 

The * courses are elective. 

For further information consult the Hillsdale College catalog or address either Miss Marjorie 
Black, Director of Household Science, or Miss Ada Tucker, Director of Household Arts, Hillsdale 


The Cooking Laboratory. 

Household Economics Hillsdale College 

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Description of Cooking Laboratory 

THE Cooking Laboratory is in the house adjoining the kitchen, which is in 
charge of the House Cook, and all of the foods prepared in the laboratory are 
served at the meals. 

In the fall extensive work is given in fruit and vegetable canning, thus provid- 
ing supplies which are kept in the fruit cellar for use during the winter. 

Practical experience is gained in planning and managing banquets serving 
from ten to fifty guests. This gives the students an opportunity to buy and prepare 
food in large quantities, as well as to organize such work in a systematic manner. 

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The Sewing Laboratory in Fine Arts Hall. 

Household Economics Hillsdale College 

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Description of Sewing Laboratory 

THE domestic art laboratory is on the second floor of the Fine Arts Hall. It 
is also used for work in Applied Art. Many north windows give an even light 
and there is ample locker room for the students' equipment. 

The work in the various courses is correlated as much as possible. For ex- 
ample, the girls may plan dresses in their costume design classes and make them 
in their sewing classes. 

The sections are not so large as to crowd the room or prevent individual help. 

Those specializing in other departments may elect any of the domestic art 
courses and receive full collegiate credit. 

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Class of 1924 in Home Economics 


3 0112 105626912 

To Prospective Students 

T is very important that your credentials should be 
in the hands of the college early in the summer. 

Students will not be enrolled in their classes unless their 
entrance credits or certificates of transfer from other insti- 
tutions and letters of honorable dismissal are in the hands 
of the college. 

All communications concerning entrance, course of study, 
and the like will reach the proper person if addressed to 

HILLSDALE COLLEGE, Hillsdale, Michigan